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This is a specialized page for organizing design contests, competitions and awards

Different from hiring designers or commissioning work, this allows you to contract multiple designers at once.

This website is very handy for anyone who need to collect thousands of design ideas and solutions.

Organize a Design Contest

Get design through crowdsourcing

Run a design contest hosted in a contest platform.

This option is great for companies who would like to collect hundreds of design solutions for procurement and acquisation.
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What is a Design Contest?

A Design Contest is a lesser design competition. It means design contests has lesser participants, lesser prizes, and less qualified designers in comparison to design competitions. Contemporary design contests are organized through design contest platforms, which provides the required functionality for designers to participate easily. Organizers provide a creative brief, which explains the aims of the contests. Designers read the brief and submit their designs. Design Contests are very price efficient for getting a varied number of submissions. By organizing a design contest, you could get 50 to 100 design submissions, for a very competitive price, however the quality of designs can sometimes be questionable. Design contests do not create brand visibility, nor add any value to brands, because in often cases, the way they are organized could be considered unrespectful for designers, especially in competitions where designers could see each others works. Organizing a design contest is suggested for companies who wish to receive dozens to hundreds of design proposals in a relatively short amount of time. BuySellDesign will help you setup a design contest at the right platform. A List of design contest platforms are listed at designcompetition.com

Organize a Design Competition

Collect designs ideas from multiple designers

Run a design competition hosted in an advanced design competition platform.

This option is great for companies who would like to collect hundreds of design propositions for both procurement and brand visibility.
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What is a Design Competition?

A Design Competition is an event to collect designs. A Design Competition starts with a call for submissions, different then a contest, a competition has a jury, a good prize or trophy, and winning a competition is considered prestigious. The very first Design Competitions were organized for procurement reasons, however today there are more than twenty-five business models for organizing design competitions, companies rarely organize competitions for procurement, but mostly for the other models. Some of these models are brand visibility creation, hr-programs and talent acquisition and discovery, innovation and idea collection, co-innovation, product-customization, trend generation, statistical analysis of end user requirements, marketing, and others. Design competitions usually have a prize or incentive to attract designers, and create positive impacts for the organizers. The number of participants can range between hundreds to several thousands, depending on the competition brief. While some compatitions target designers, others might target end-users, clients and customers, for such design competitions there exists specific platforms at disposal for helping the non-designers to design using configurator tools. BuySellDesign will help you setup a customized design competition that meets your goals. A List of current and past design competitions are accessible at designcompetition.com

Organize a Design Award

Collect insights from high level designers

Run a design award, hosted and run at your own website platform.

This option is great for companies who would like to collect thousands of creative ideas, reach a wide audience, and create brand visibility.
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What is a Design Award?

A Design Award is a prestigious event. Different than competitions or contests, awards' primary participants are high-level design companies, large studios and manufacturing companies. While awards can help you collect thousands of creative ideas, the real value proposition is for brand visibility, audience reach, marketing and advertising. Designers join design awards to get publicity, thus a good design competition must focus on providing ways to disseminate winners. If you are a manufacturing company, you might consider taking part in some of the awards such as those listed at competitionreviews.com BuySellDesign will help you setup a design award program that works. Design Awards are usually organized by: Design Centers, Design Associations and Trade-shows, when organized by such entities there is usually not a brief as many type of designs are accepted. Design Awards are also run and organized by very large brands, usually these types of awards focus on innovation and creativity with a brief that asks designers to create designs for future applications, such designs usually find good press attendence and interest, which helps brands to advertise in editorial ways.




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